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With National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, Week and World Suicide Prevention Day, the month of September provides an excellent opportunity for all of us to help prevent suicide. We're working with great partners to spread awareness, hope and empower people to give and seek help. Please join us!


You can do something to prevent suicide. #BeThe1To save a life.

We are excited to partner with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline this month to spread the message that we can all take action to prevent suicide, and that healing, hope and help can happen.

How you can be part of the campaign:

  1. Join our Twitter Chat 9/9 at 1pm EST!
  2. Read and watch stories of individuals who have made an impact in others’ lives. Then submit your own.​
  3. Download our toolkit to get the 5 steps to help someone in crisis. Then share the #BeThe1To message throughout September.

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We are glad to support the #IFEELALIVE Suicide Prevention Awareness Month campaign started by singer, Utalk Radio host and mental health advocate, Larissa Lam. The campaign will feature three new PSAs encouraging people to celebrate life and will spotlight organizations that are doing great work for mental health and suicide prevention.

How you can be part of the campaign:

  1. Watch and share the PSAs.
  2. Share your videos and/or photos of “what makes you feel alive” on Instagram and tag it with #IFEELALIVE starting on 9/10, World Suicide Prevention Day
  3. Use the #IFEELALIVE Toolkit to help bring greater awareness to this issue.

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We will be highlighting more of our inspiring JED Storytellers throughout the month of September. There is hope. There is help.

Watch and share the videos online using “#JEDstorytellers”

Watch JEDStorytellers videos here!