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Methods to treat obsessive compulsive disorder


While there’s no cure for OCD it can be effectively treated with psychotherapy and medication. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) seems to be the most successful in treating OCD. In CBT, you learn how to deal with intrusive thoughts and reduce compulsive behaviors. Sometimes medications are used to help reduce obsessions and compulsions.

Here are some things to consider in managing your OCD:

Take medication as prescribed. You might want to stop taking your medication if you are feeling better or can’t tolerate the side effects. Before you stop, however, talk to your doctor. OCD symptoms often return once you stop taking your meds.

Join a support group. When you have OCD, you may feel alone. But OCD is a common disorder with over 2 million sufferers. Joining an OCD group allows you to see that others do understand what you’re going through. Plus, you can learn from others and share your story in a comfortable and safe environment.

Don’t take drugs or alcohol. These substances can trigger or worsen OCD symptoms.

Lead a healthy life. Having a healthy lifestyle is essential for managing OCD. That includes exercising, managing stress healthfully and practicing relaxation techniques — all of which help to reduce anxiety.